As I expect from Brooks (NYT Jan 12 The CEO in Politics), an insightful view of leadership. I agree with Brook's view but would add a few "must haves" to be a great President based on my 2012 book The Decision to Trust - 1) a few of Brook's points (e.g., instrumentality), can be expressed as "they are great stewards" which implies they serve the larger interests and take a long term perspective. 2) It is political judgment "plus"; beyond political judgment, they also need to be good decision makers in complex, ambiguous situations 3) they must be good communicators who can persuade 4) they must be able to attract talent, focus it and sustain it to achieve results 5) they must maintain basic integrity in an environment that often lacks it. This is a daunting list for any leader.  What is implied in Brook's piece is that the tournament for the Presidency as it is now configured does not test many of these requirements for a trustworthy Officer for the most powerful executive position in the world.