On May 14 I posted a blog suggesting that JP Morgan Chase might be a high trust bank and part of the trust solution  afterall. After CEO Dimon's appearance in Congress and interview on NBC, we now have more evidence that I may be right and that Jamie Dimon is a high trust leader. Why? There certain key markers for trustworthy leaders and organizations and Dimon sent us some clear signals on them.
1. Similarities and pride - In his actions Dimon reinforced a code at Chase of "doing the right thing" and "service to clients." To the degree that these values are lived by Chase it embeds a foundation for trustworthiness in the Chase culture.
2. Benevolence - Dimon could have made Ina Drew a scapegoat and thrown her under the bus. Instead he defended her and told NBC that she had earned his trust and had made a mistake but had saved the company during the global financial crisis. Any senior leader at Chase or considering joining Chase now knows that Dimon will risk damage to himself to do the right thing for his team. This is benevolence and caring for others and the institution and is a hallmark of trustworthiness. It is how you attract other trustworthy leaders!
3. Capability - Dimon appeared knowledgeable, confident and in command. He also described some of the processes and procedures in place at Chase to check and review and was clear that they need to be enhanced. Only people and organizations that can deliver on commitments are trustworthy. Dimon made a good case here for himself.