The data from Harris Polls supports President Obama's statement in his State of the Union speech, that if we follow the military's example our government will be more trusted. Over the past 30 years the public's confidence in the military has grown but declined in Congress. The reason? The American public doubts the efficiency and effectiveness of Congress to get the right things done, but they do not doubt the capability of the military to protect the country. When Congress makes lofty promises and then fails to deliver because of partisan gridlock, trust erodes. In contrast, the military is careful about overpromising and has a good track record concerning its mission of protecting the country. It builds and maintains trust because it generally understands its capability, communicates accurately, and has the processes and methods to reliably deliver and establish a track record that warrants trust. They are about service and mission. We trust that! Its good to know that when institutions become trustworthy their trust scores rise. Ok Congress, the challenge is there, a time for leadership. On the other hand, maybe voters will need to help them!