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Penn State and the Trustworthy Organization

Posted by Robert Hurley on Friday, July 13, 2012, In : Articles 
The Freeh report on the Penn State Sandusky child abuse case is now out and it confirms much of what we know about why some organizations produce major trust violations.

1. Individual leaders failed to exercise appropriate stewardship and ethical decision making
2. The Board of Trustees failed to proactively hold management accountable
3. Weak and overly decentralized HR and Compliance functions failed to contain risk.
4. The Penn State culture valued sports and image over transparency, ethics an...
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Penn State and Restoring Trust

Posted by Robert Hurley on Thursday, November 10, 2011,
The Board of Trustees at Penn State has fired its President and its legendary football coach. Is their action an example of appropriate justice or overreaction? The answer lies in understanding something about repairing trust and reputation after there has been a serious betrayal. The Board's first role is to repair the University and its reputation. To do this a few things are necessary from research on successful trust repair. They must acknowledge and take ownership of the failures, act im...
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