Trust Factors  

Low Situational Security :

  • Adjust expectations of trust downward when risk is high
  • Share risk with other stakeholders or at the group or organizational level
  • During change process, consult and seek input from employees and keep them informed.
Few Similarities:

  • Use the words "us" more than "I" less.
  • Make more salient what you have in common (values, membership, etc.).
Low Alignment of Interests

  • Conduct a candid exploration of stakeholders's interests.
  • Change incentive and reward systems to increase alignment.
  • Take a long-term and relationship perspective rather than a short-term transactional perspective in dealing with stakeholders.
Lack of Benevolent Concern

  • Take the time to inquire about and understand their concerns. Communicate the ways you can address their concerns as well as constraints.
  • Be active in locating stakeholder interests that you can promote that do not cost you too much.

Some Interventions To Build Trust